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Buddy Rich
6 filesplay all: Buddy Rich
Burl Ives
2 filesplay all: Burl Ives
53 filesplay all: CAB CALLOWAY
California Melodies
28 filesplay all: California Melodies
Camel Caravan - Benny Goodman
22 filesplay all: Camel Caravan - Benny Goodman
CE tunes
5 filesplay all: CE tunes
Chamber Music Society
6 filesplay all: Chamber Music Society
Chesterfield Chicago Theater Of The Air Shows
25 filesplay all: Chesterfield Chicago Theater Of The Air Shows
Chesterfield Supper Club
5 filesplay all: Chesterfield Supper Club
Christmas Seal Show
1 fileplay all: Christmas Seal Show
2 filesplay all: Coca-Cola
Commercials Shows
109 filesplay all: Commercials Shows
Country Music Classics
113 filesplay all: Country Music Classics
Danny Kaye Shows
15 filesplay all: Danny Kaye Shows
Date With The Duke, A
3 filesplay all: Date With The Duke, A
Dinah Shore Show
85 filesplay all: Dinah Shore Show
Duke Ellington
11 filesplay all: Duke Ellington
Eddie Cantor
62 filesplay all: Eddie Cantor
Edwards Ol Music
5 filesplay all: Edwards Ol Music
Ella Fitzgerald
6 filesplay all: Ella Fitzgerald
Emergency Funds Appeal
1 fileplay all: Emergency Funds Appeal
Frankie Laine
5 filesplay all: Frankie Laine
Fred Astaire
3 filesplay all: Fred Astaire
Fred Waring Show
Fred Waring Showsplay all: Fred Waring Show
Gene Autry Shows
123 folders, 41 filesplay all: Gene Autry Shows
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